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After School Program for Elementary Schools

The After School Program for elementary sites is comprised of After School Education and Safety (ASES) and Academic Intervention Program (AIP). These programs are available Monday through Friday, including all minimum days, immediately after school until 6:00 pm. 

ASES provides recreation and enrichment activities Monday-Friday on regular school days with few exceptions from the time school is dismissed until 6:00 p.m.


How does the Academic Intervention Program work at the elementary schools?
The Academic Intervention Program is available for students who are at risk of, or recommended for, retention and at risk of not passing The California High School Exit Exam. It is an academic program designed to give support to struggling students to bring them closer to grade level.


How can Parents help?
Parents are the most critical component of the Academic Intervention Program. Parental support and encouragement are crucial to the program's success. Extra time spent on learning with the parent's help greatly increases the student's success. Please encourage your child to attend, and consider volunteering in the classroom, or in the after school programs!


Academic Intervention Program
Students attend this program for 1½ hours after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students receive 30-45 minutes of homework help, then work on specific skills in Language Arts and Math. Lessons utilized parallel the regular school day curriculum. Approximately 79 days per year are provided, with exceptions on minimum days and holidays.

Enrichment Activities
Enrichment activities are provided to students not mandated to attend the AIP portion of the after school program. These activities reinforce Language Arts and math skills through fun and interesting activities and games specifically designed by the same publishers of the regular school day curriculum.

ELD (English Language Development)
The ELD class is for students who have scored a 1 or 2 on the CELDT test during regular-day school. These classes will help students progress from learning the English language to learning in English.

Summer School
Elementary Summer School is offered in the month of June during the regular summer break.
During the month of June, students will receive 4 weeks of reinforced learning of Language Arts and math from the grade level just completed.


  • Students are assessed using District Multiple Measure Assessments and identified as "at risk" using the retention criteria (Assessments occur during the first three months of school).
  • Entry form filled out by teacher enrolling student in AIP.
  • Parents are notified by teacher (District Letter).
  • Teacher identifies students' needs on Student Profiles.
  • Student Profiles are use to maintain database to track progress

How will this program benefit my child?

On average, students who participate in the AIP programs regularly have shown significantly higher scores on the end of year testing than those who attended irregularly. In addition, teachers report that most students who regularly attend these programs make higher gains on report card grades and on district tests!

Why was my child recommended for the Academic Intervention Program?

Students are enrolled based on academic performance, reflected by report card grades and testing scores in reading, writing, and math. Your child's teachers analyzed theses scores, considered classroom performance, and determined that your child would benefit from these programs.

Can I un-enroll my child?
Based on California State Law, we are required to offer remediation to students who are recommended for retention, or at risk for not passing the High School Exit Exam. Teachers enroll students, and when adequate progress is made, they recommend they be dropped from the program. If you have any concerns or don't believe your child should be enrolled in the program, please contact your child's teacher.